Bargain Villas, Town Houses and Apartments for sale in and around Nerja, Torrox and Frigiliana.

Search for properties on Nerja Bargain Properties using our advanced Property Locations Map search feature.

If you are already familiar with the Nerja area and find it more convneient to search for property in a specific geographic area, our highly advanced Property Locations Map feature is a great way to quickly and easily locate properties by geographic visualisation and pin-point location! We are always keen to try new ways to make your property search easier. Alternatively, you can also use our standard Property Search feature


How to use the Locations Map to search for property on Nerja Bargain Properties.

The Nerja Bargain Properties Locations Map tool is based on a simple integration between a basic Google map and our property database in order to display results of all available properties by map location. It has all the standard features of a Google map such as zoom, panning and map/satellite toggle, not to mention the extremely useful Google Street View feature. 


Navigation controls

1. Cardinal Navigation/Panning/Arrows: To move around on the map, you can use the arrows to move north, south, east or west.  Another way would be to click and drag the map in the direction required. You can also use the arrows keys on your keyboard.

2. Google Street ViewOne of the most useful features of the Nerja Bargain Properties Property Location Map is the integration of Google Street View. Street View gives you a 360 degree "street view/street-level" visualisation of places. If you are not familiar with Street View, all you have to do is click and drag the Pegman icon onto the map and all roads and areas viewable with Street View imagery will be highlighted with a bright blue border. Then just drag Pegman to the Street View highlighted location of interest to you and release in order to activate the Street View function. To exit Street View and return to the Locations Map, simply click on the Close buttonClose info window button in the top right hand corner of the map.

3. Zoom: Use the + and - to incrementally zoom in and out. Zoom in to the map to separate properties that are grouped tightly together in a particular area. You can also zoom in by quickly double clicking on any point on the map to zoom in to that particular location.

4. Zoom slider: Use the zoom slider to quickly zoom in on the map by dragging the zoom slider up or down on the vertical zoom slider bar.


Once you have a clear visualisation of each individual property in a particular area, hover your mouse over the house icon and the name of that property will be shown. For more information, click on the icon and a small pop-up box will appear with information on the price of the property together with a photo. Click on the photo and you will then be taken directly to the page of the property in question. To get back to the Locations Map feature, simply click "Back" in your browser.